The Ten Insecurities I Have Overcome

The Ten Insecurities I Have Overcome

I have had to face many business-related insecurities. Lack of confidence and self doubt have sabotaged me in the past, but with experience, inner work and working on my business I have learnt to reframe all of them.

And now, I want to share those with you. If I can reframe these things and now like those things then so can everyone. Because once you can do that, life is so much more rewarding.

Here are some examples of the things I do not like about myself:

1. I am not as good as other photographers

I used to spend so much time comparing my work to others.

Now, I concentrate on what my clients want and this makes us all much happier.

I have learnt from some of the best and they have really inspired me and they are now my friends, but I have my own style and that attracts my ideal clients.

2. I will be judged if I get really visible and really honest

This one is work in progress as you will see I am just starting to get much more visible because if I want to help and serve as many people as I can, then this is what I gotta do.

3. My sense of humour is quite unique

Haha, I laugh at things that are not funny. I laugh in the cinema before the main funny bit. I say things I think are funny then no one laughs.

The quote “Life is better when you are laughing” is on dream board so even if I am the only one that finds something funny, it is ok with me.

As some of my clients have just met me they may not get my sense of humour but as I love being with them I hope my happiness shows even if my sense of humour is questionable.

4. I still mess you and end up working too many hours

Family time and me time is so important. This is also work in progress. Sometimes I get it right now then I end up working longer hours again. But it's only because I also care and love my business and clients so much that I sometimes get the balance wrong.

When the balance is wrong it is ok now. I still feel content, as I am so lucky to have a job that brings me so much joy and know I will get back on track again.

5. Other people are better, richer and more clever then me

If I think this I may get more nervous before a shoot.

But I always get nervous before every shoot anyway.

Once the shoot has started I love it, I totally relax and know we where meant to work together even if we are such different people from different backgrounds.

It is because of getting a little nervous before each shoot that I understand how clients may feel and I work harder for them and me.

6. People will not like my work

Not everyone is going to like my work. That is fine with me.

I attract my tribe, the people who connect with me, and these are the people I care about.

I just want to work with the people that are the right fit for me and I am the right fit for them.

7 I spend too much time researching ideas for shoots instead of just confidently free styling

This is an additional bonus for the client really.

I still end up naturally just shooting away once I get going but we also go with a few other ideas too which I now LOVE to do. It gives some extra direction to me and my clients and more choice of images.

This is a blessing as it gives my clients lots of options and they WILL love lots of images of themselves

8. I do not like shopping for clothes but I am personal branding photographerI

This one did really bother me.

I I would think should look really classy and stylish.

BUT I am a personal branding photographer. I am NOT a personal stylist. I am here to photograph people and to focus on my clients not me.

I want to show the world my client’s brand and show my client in the best light.

I want to feel comfortable photographing my clients so choose comfort on a shoot and I rather spend my free time booking photography/business related stuff and adventures and chill with my family then to be in town shopping - I am ok with this now.

9. I am too indecisive & take too many photos resulting in too many images to choose from

Yes, this results in hours and hours of selecting and editing for me. Selecting alone takes hours.

I remember the film days when I just waited for my rolls of 24 and 36 with no editing afterwards.

But these days was nerve racking as you never knew if they had come out ok. 99% of the time they had.

So, I do prefer today’s digital world even if it adds hours to a job. The client gets heaps more images too.

I also see my indecisiveness to choose one image from each setting for the client as a positive as I know people are fussy and by presenting them with lots they will find an expression of themselves in each pose. Maybe a few expressions.

10. I have nothing interesting to share online

From now on I am going to share what I do, how I do it, my clients journeys and how I know I can help people. I know 100% I have something that other people really need and I want to help them receive the results they deserve. To do this I am ready to get brave and visible and hope I inspire others to do so too.

Can you see how worrying about these did not serve me?

Can you see how they affected my life?

If you have not reframed yours yet, you could be holding yourself back, now is the time to do something about it.

Push through your insecurities. It is your time to feel worthy, secure and own the things that you are good at.

It is time to show the world the real you and to share the gifts that you offer.


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