The benefits of working together on more then one photoshoot

A lot of my clients are repeat clients and I believe this is great for both of us.  The benefits include: 

1)  I get you -  I already know any anxieties you may have about being photographed.  I know what bits you want me to avoid photographing.  I see the best things about you and capture lots of images for you.

2)  It feels more like a social with a fun shoot, rather then a big thing to feel nervous about.

3)  As we have worked together before we both have even more fun resulting in natural, authentic images.

4)  You are happy to throw any ideas at me and know I will happily give them ago.

5)  By having regular photoshoots you always have access to a library of fresh images to use for all your marketing needs.

I hope at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 to be working with lots of regular/repeat clients who are excited about their shoots and my goal is to have a deeper business relationship with them so I can produce the best images of them that really shows off their brand.

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