Conference and event photography

Retreat, conference and event photography

Would you like to offer the people that come to your retreat or event extra value?


Would you like to attract extra people to your event by giving them a gift of a professional headshot?


Would you just like your event photographed so the images can be used to advertise the next event?

Talk to me about my conference and event headshot service.

I can have the studio set up before the event starts and hold mini photo shoots for your guests.

  • Quick, easy and fun photo shoots

  • Studio or natural light photography

  • I can take care of all administration

  • Individual galleries

  • All images professionally edited

  • Fantastic pricing options for your guests

I can start shooting as people arrive also at coffee break and lunch time shoots too.

I can work quickly allowing a few minutes per person but not compromising on quality.

Within one week of the event all images will be uploaded to personal galleries to be viewed.

Delegates can choose their favourite image to be retouched and sent I can sent it to them in full resolution format via email.

Please get in touch for more details on how head shots can be a great way of adding value to your event.

Conference and event photography