Tina Cleary Photography Affiliate Programme

Thank you for your interest in the Tina Cleary Photography Affiliate Programme.

About me

I am a business portraits and branding photographer. I help small businesses to get visible with fun, enjoyable photo sessions that reflect their brand, make them look and feel great and engage their clients.

The images will stand out and attract their ideal client by authentic brand photoshoots in Berkshire and beyond.

Clients can expect a service based on trust, a relaxed environment and a sense of profound pride in what you have achieved with images that are unique, natural and authentic.

I have 23 years experience photographing people inside and outside the studio. I look forward to helping you feel proud, empowered, happy and successful by providing timeless memories to be treasured.

Affiliate Programme Benefits

You will receive £100 for any business branding shoot or for a sign up to my perfect picture collection.

Payment will be made to on the day of the photo shoot.

Commission Structure

You can choose to have it automated into paypal by using the affiliate link... great if you are sharing on your facebook page etc and you have no idea who may take up the offer, OR direct referrals and I can pay into their account.

This offer applies to any business branding shoot booked or if they book on the four shoot plan.

Link to set up your affiliate account

Thrive affiliate account

Promo Material/Resources

33 second promo video:


A link to my website:


Link to the shoots that I offer:

What you get with each shoot

Here is some text you can use or you can use your own:

Tina helps small businesses stand out and attract their ideal client with authentic brand photoshoots.

With 23 years experience photographing people she finds it easy to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Tina has her own personal branding shoots and knows how it feels to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera especially at the start of a photo shoot but promises you after a few minutes you will start to feel at ease. She had a tranquil studio in Purley on Thames and also shoots on location.

Tina will discuss locations with you and will photograph anywhere that tells a story of you are and what you do. This may be a beach, a rural location or somewhere with an urban feel or in a studio, at your home, in an office.

Tina will help you show the best version of you to the world leaving you with images that you feel proud of.

If you have any questions at all, please send an email to info@tinaclearyphotography.co.uk

Tina Cleary