An interview with Tina Cleary Photography

Last year I got interviewed for a blog.

I thought I would post my replies here to give you more insight about me.

Give us a bio

Hi I am Tina, I am a wife, mum to two thoughtful girls and I specialise in pregnancy and newborn photography. I have 23 years experience photographing people and still love what I do.

Tell us about your working and mum-life?

Other then photography my loves in life include running, mountain biking or walking with loved ones in the countryside, belly dancing, watching films and spending time with my family and friends.

What’s your average week like?

I am really lucky as I have a studio and office at home. I shoot on average 2-3 shoots a week with the rest of the week being admin and marketing. I try to work within school hours but often end up working later however I no longer work until the early hours so I am very happy with the balance this job gives me.

How did you get into your work?

My introduction into the world of portrait photography happened twenty three years ago when I took my baby to a studio and ended up buying nearly the whole studio from the photographer.

Favourite thing about your job? And the biggest challenge?

Favourite thing is serving people, making them feel great by documenting the most special people in their life.

Biggest challenge is to give up working weekends. (I have pretty much done this now and love a little photoshoot now and then at the weekend).

What things boost your mood?

8 hours sleep, seeing the sunrise, the sunset, being outdoors, reading, having a fire, good netflix series, education, food, seeing people happy.

What plans do you have for the future work-wise?

To continue photographing pregnancies, newborns and families and to be the go to business branding photographer.

What treatments/services do you offer specially for new mums?

I offer every pregnant lady the chance to have a makeover maternity photo session to record this important and amazing time in her life.

It is my job to make sure mums feel beautiful and dads-to-be feel relaxed and forget they are being photographed & even have a laugh during the session.

My newborn sessions are often parent’s first day out with their brand new baby and I make sure they feel relaxed, make them drinks and offer a snack so they can relax and feel very proud watching their baby have their portraits taken.

If you could go back to that new-mum you what advice would you like to give her?

To get the work/family life balance right as soon as you can and to enjoy every moment.

Fave thing to do with your child?

With my 23 year old it would be a fitness challenge or watching a film and with my 12 year old it is to be outdoors and to do something arty or play games and definitely eating out with both of them.

Best place to go locally (Caversham or Reading) in good weather?

In good weather I always enjoyed Beale park with both my girls. The river in Caversham and Purley are lovely, seeing the swans, getting a lolly and visiting the local parks.

And if it’s wet and cold?

When it’s cold, wrap up warm and enjoy the outdoors still, with a walk in woods, near river or park then enjoy going home and getting all cosy.

Anything else you’d like to add..?

If you are having newborn photography please make sure your photographer has been trained in the art and safety of newborn photography.

Please include your website link here

Tina Cleary Photography