Business branding photo shoot London | Asa

Asa is a matchmaker and a dating coach and owns an exclusive matchmaking service for the wild at heart based in London called Tailor Matched.

This photo shoot was such a joy.

I had chatted with Asa before the photo shoot to understand her dreams for the business and then one very cold but beautiful morning in November we met up for a really great photo shoot.

I remember being very grateful that day for many things.

I was so grateful for the weather - The drive to the shoot was stunning with sparkly fields and a gorgeous sun rise.

I was greatful to the venue that let us down and was not open as promised as we got to work at The Golden Bull which was a really interesting venue and the waitress was so kind and helpful.

One of the first things we see was two pillows next to each other and we knew everything was going to be ok when it was both of our spirit animals on them.

I was greatful to Asa's amazing friend who let us come back to her house, made us coffee and rang around and secured us the next venue whilst we brainstormed the shoot and got to relax before the shoot and understand each other more.

I was grateful to out mutual coach - Gemma, for connecting us and I was grateful to work with someone like Asa who is so passionate and perfect for her business. I know there will be many great new couples with great times ahead of them that meet up through Asa’s business.

As always here are some favourites from our Business branding photo shoot London | Asa and here is a link to her website too.

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