Heres how to have a photoshoot that you will love

“What are the reasons for not having your photographs taken?”

This is what I asked people from all different backgrounds.

Below, I have listed the concerns as well as my opinion on overcoming these.

I hate having them taken. I always seem so unphotogenic.

Ok, so you may feel nervous arriving for your shoot and the results from the shoot too, that is only natural, but I promise you, as soon as we get going you will start to relax and even enjoy your photo shoot.

I have created an amazing framework that allows you to enjoy your photo session from the planning to on the actual day itself.

I also take loads of photographs. You will have so many to choose from resulting in lots of images to love.

I feel too big to have photos taken.

This is another top reason for putting off having portraits taken for both personal and business reasons.

This can be the reason for having photos on your social media profiles and website that do not look like you anymore. But imagine meeting a client or a new business connection and they do not recognise you because you look so different from to your profile picture.


This can be the reason for never appearing in family photos yourself. But imagine if you did not have photos to look back on of your loved ones because they always felt too fat to have photos taken. You would have no memories of them.

If feeling too big is the reason for not being in photos then here are some ideas to make you feel more prepared to jump in front of the camera.

1) Wear clothes that make you feel great, that you feel comfortable in and have a couple of different tops/outfits to wear on the day.

2) Have a stylist do your hair.

3) Wear your favourite make up or have your make up professionally done.

4) Wear your favourite perfume/aftershave.

5) Get your nails done.

6) Get an early night the night before.

7) Eat a breakfast that gives you energy and does not make you feel bloated.

8) Play music that makes you feel upbeat.

9) Talk to your photographer before the shoot about your anxieties so he/she knows upfront how to make you feel great and what bits you want to hide.

10) Try your outfits on with the underwear you will be wearing on the day, the accessories (if any) and the shoes you will be wearing before the actual photoshoot.

You could even choose some poses that will make you feel better. This is something a professional photographer will be able to do for you.

But be prepared for actually not caring as much about looking big after the session as you will have so much fun and will just love the photos and your expressions that you radiate will become more important to you after the shoot as you will see what others see - the beautiful you.

I do not know how to pose.

Some of the best images are the ones that happen naturally.

I will help you pose. Little changes such as background, camera direction & lighting can create completely different images with little movement from yourself too.

As part of my framework that I work through with you. I will get to understand you & I will know what poses will work best for you and the ones that are more you.

I am very good at making you relax.

I do not know what to wear

Be you.

Feel comfortable.

Bring two or three outfits.

Bring different colours/styles.

If you do not know what to buy I work with a personal stylist that I can introduce you too. You can have help with colours, wardrobe, shopping, make up and styling of hair.


Money is one of the top reasons stated why someone may put off booking.

If your images are for business then by investing in yourself, you are investing in your business. People buy from people and they are more likely to want to work with you if they can see beautiful, vibrant images of the wonderful, authentic you.

Portraits of your loved ones are priceless. You will forget the money that you spent but you will never regret having the photoshoot. Portraits also make great presents.

Please get in touch as we can look at all the different types of shoots that I offer and we can find one to suit your requirements and budget.

Another thing to consider is a payment scheme. I have introduced these for my business shoots and will soon be offering them for family shoots too. Once again please get in touch to find out more about.

Below are some of the other comments and answers that the lovely ladies gave me.

I never truly liked a photo of myself. I’m just too critical of myself, can’t help but find something I don’t like in every photo

Please learn to love yourself more and not to be so critical of yourself. Look for the bits you do like. It might be your eyes, smile, nose, ears, arms.

I think happiness and radiance can shine over anything so lets try and achieve this together during the shoot and you will be amazed by the results.

There are also some things that can happen after the shoot that include whitening teeth, softening skin, removing or softening lines etc.

Family shoot- the kids play up

Never worry about this one as kids will be kids and photographers are used to this.

I have photographed famalies for 20+ years and kids are not being naughty.

Please never get angry during or after a shoot with your kids as during the shoot it makes you all unhappy and if kids do not act how you hoped on the day it is not because they are being naughty it is because they are not used to having to pose and need to feel more relaxed.

Some things we will do to relax them.

1) Give them time.

2) Not focus too much on them so they start to relax.

3) Get them to say silly things.

4) Maybe tiggle them.

5) Talk about their favourite things.

6) Silly poses/faces.

7) Play a whisper game.

8) Let them choose poses.

9) Use bribes such as promise of sweets or the park after.

10) If nothing is working then I would suggest a reshoot for all or part of the shoot as sometimes it is just the day/time that is working and another day/time they are completely different.

I think I am going to look super old - It gets harder to get a good photo the older you get - I look younger in my current one

Firstly I think it is really important for you to look like you in the photos that you post or use for business.

Imagine meeting a client or a new business connection and they do not recognise you because you look so different from the you in your profile picture?

I think happiness and radiance can be more powerful and beautiful then looking younger, so lets try and achieve this together during the shoot and you will be amazed by the results.

You will then be surprised that you actually love some or all of your new images so a shoot can be a real confidence boost.

We will use the best lighting. Focus on the best bits and we can use interesting backgrounds/poses too to take the focus off you a little too.

There are also some things we can do afterwards to take away a few years without looking false. We can whiten teeth, soften skin, take out lines, blotches etc.

Not sure what kind of message/brand I want to put across

Your brand is you. The real authentic you. People connect with the real you.

Bring a few outfits, especially different colour/styles of tops.

Do everything to help you feel your absolute best before the shoot. Great nights sleep, fresh air, good food, hair styled, your favourite make up, nails, favourite music on your way to shoot and you will shine in your images.

Some people choose to work with a personal stylist. I can recommend a personal stylist that I work with to help you with several aspects of preparing for a shoot.

Confidence is the one of the biggest reasons for people to put off their photo shoots. I have created a special framework that I will use for every type of photoshoot that will speak to/address all the anxieties that people may have.

I also highly recommend working with the same photographer more then once as you build a relationship with your photographer resulting in more natural and happy photos as you will feel relaxed as your arrive for your shoots and your photographer just gets you and knows all your anxieties so they will get the best of you for you.

It is so important to enjoy you photoshoot and to have up to date portraits. Sometimes you just need to get that session booked and go for it.

This is me posing at my photo shoot. Bringing props is another great idea.

This is me posing at my photo shoot. Bringing props is another great idea.

Tina Cleary