Ten Things that I LOVE

There are so many reasons why we start out own business.

A huge reason is we think we will have more time to do things with the people we love. BUT, we end up spending years working many more hours per day then what we would have done working for an employer.

The hours are often unsociable too. But, as time goes on we learn to set ourself more realistic boundaries before we completely burn out - I will never stay up til 4am anymore editing!!! 

I am not complaining at all though because having my own business has given me the freedom to go to all my daughters events at school, to be there when they get home and I LOVE being a mum, I can go on holiday whenever I want and do not have to ask the boss if this is allowed & I always feel like I am growing and I just LOVE being a photographer as I get to be creative and I honestly work with the best people. I will always be a photographer.

Here are 10 more things I love:

Spending time with my family 

One of my goals for quite a few years has been to stop working weekends so I can enjoy more time with my family. 

Specialising in Business Photography and Pregnancy & Newborn Photography both of which I LOVE, means I no longer have to be out at the weekends for 12+ hours - I get to work Monday to Friday and have the weekends to recharge ready to give my best to my clients again on Monday.


I am addicted to reading. Fiction or true stories at bedtime and audible in the day for education and motivation. I have just worn out my kindle so am reading old fashioned books again as new kindle awaits to be open on christmas day. Reading is the best.


Running keeps me healthy and means I can eat more too. I have been running for years.

I love running in nature. I also use this time for gratitude and sometimes to listen to audible books too. You will see a few running images on my instagram account.

Mountain biking

I love to get out with my dad or family and off road mountain bike. I do not get out enough and am not as daring as I may have once been but love riding through the woods or by the river and seeing the animals whilst being with my loved ones, even better if we stop off for some food :-)

Belly dancing 

Not many people know I do this (they may now). I love my classes. It is hard to drag myself out each week but I always come away feeling so happy. It is lovely as it is all women of different ages, nationalities and sizes enjoying this beautiful style of dancing. Then every six months we dress up and perform in a show.


I have always loved visiting new places. Every year I include several destinations on my list of goals.

I now have a goal to see much more or England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and my dream is to buy a VW California for this. 

I have never really camped so the VW dream may be a bit different to the reality, but of course we will stop at the odd hotel too if away for more then two nights and may hire one first :-)


As I have got older I have started to love films even more. I think the perfect night would include a night out at the cinema. I do not do this enough though.

Weekends away 

I love to get away on three or four weekends away. A couple with just my husband and a couple with family too.

Eating out with loved ones and friends 

I am showing my age but eating out with good food and company is the best.

Photography & Education 

Most my money goes on experiences, food and education. 

School was ok but the teachers did not inspire me, since leaving school I have been addicted to courses and learning. I have met many great photographers on courses. I currently love mixing with all types of business owners and learning about them, from them and helping them.

By working with small business owners and families I am able to enjoy all the things above and for that I am really very happy. 

I can give my clients my all in the week and spend time doing even more things I love at the weekend too.

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