Welcome to my blog

It feels like the right time to start blogging!

I have been photographing people for over twenty years now and I am very good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I specialise in personal branding photography because I am so interested in helping other business owners show the real them to the world. People buy from people and being authentic and honest is what people love. With great images you will attract your ideal clients.

I love to bring out the real person in their portraits, to have fun and to show what they do whilst showing their love for their profession.

My job is SO interesting because I work with so many different business owners that all do such different types of work.

This blog will be used to showcase work I have done, it is here to address questions I think people may have about preparing for a shoot, on the day and after the shoot, it will address anxieties you may have about having your portraits take and generally be a place to share peoples journeys.

Please keep visiting and do comment to so I know you have been here and can say hi or answer your questions.

Tina Cleary